Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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Practice Areas


Anxiety, depression and relationship issues are my specialties. In my approach working with people, I take into consideration four key areas. First, the clinical, where I consider how we feel, think and behave. Secondly, I consider the relational: how we connect, communicate and love. Third, I look at performance: how we use our gifts, talents and strengths to pursue our goals, vocation and calling. Fourth, the spiritual: how we contemplate and find meaning and purpose in our lives.

My role as a psychologist is to help you explore and process the issues or problems you present, grow in awareness and understanding, and learn acceptance. Together we examine how relationships may support or contribute to problems or challenges in your life and what changes may need to be made. We look at core beliefs and behaviors that may be influencing or impacting your life.

Each Client is Unique

I approach each client uniquely designing strategies aimed at their particular mental health concerns. I provide skills and tools to better equip my clients to deal with the challenges they may be experiencing. My practice is influenced by evidence based theories and research. I draw from multiple modalities including: emotion focused, attachment, cognitive-behavioral, narrative, positive and strength-based psychology. I also utilize research from the field of neuroscience into my practice.


In addition to therapy services, I also offer coaching. Therapy differs from coaching. Therapy is for people who are experiencing psychological distress or struggling with mental disorders. Coaching is focused on helping well-functioning people create and achieve their goals, maximize personal or professional development, and navigate life transitions. Coaching is future oriented. I also have a special interest in faith and ministry coaching. To find out more about my coaching services please go to my Service page.


Consulting services are ideal for individuals who have quick questions or need counsel in a specific area that is generally completed in one to three appointments. I specialize in parenting, relationships, leadership and mental health. To find out more about my services, please visit my Service page.

Community Service

In addition to my passion and work in my private practice, I also have a great love for the local church and community. I have been volunteering in a variety of roles for over two decades. I have served on women’s advisory boards, women’s care teams, as a workshop facilitator and speaker on various topics at retreats and Bible study groups.

Currently, I am involved with the University of Southern California’s Town and Gown organization where I serve on the hospitality committee. I also support Boy Scouts of America. I am involved with a local troop on the Palos Verdes peninsula where I am co-chair of the Board of Reviews for our scouts.

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