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Relationship Counseling in Palos Verdes Estates and Redondo Beach

All relationships can become strained at times. Conflict is inevitable. The key to a happy, fulfilling relationship is how couples handle these inevitable strains. Often, we enter a relationship without the communication tools necessary to meet relationship challenges. Relationship counseling is therapy with a professional, to work on challenges and difficulties in the relationship. The…. read more

When Worry turns into Anxiety

Treatments Available in Palos Verdes Estates We all worry. It’s normal. Worrying has a purpose. It helps motivate us to act, find a solution to our problems, and protect ourselves from unintended consequences. Worrying and anxiety are normal responses to stress. But, excessive worrying heightens your senses and responses, causes muscle tension, and makes you…. read more

4 Counseling Tips for Wellbeing in Manhattan Beach

Growing up in Malibu gave Dr. Bisignano great insight into the therapeutic effects of being near the ocean and in nature. “Being at the beach has a way of calming the nerves, bringing peace, a greater sense of wellbeing and mental health,” says Dr. Bisignano. Many people today are caught up in the hustle of…. read more

Counseling for Women in Redondo Beach

It is no surprise that women face significant and unique pressures. We play many roles including mother, daughter, caregiver, confidant, friend, and lover. We are supposed to be happy staying home, and happy working outside the home. We are supposed to face life’s transition with grace, and hide our emotional mess inside. Great emphasis is…. read more

Emotional Connection: Glue for Marriage Success

Emotional connection may be the most valuable strength successful marriages in Palos Verdes and the South Bay possess. Emotional connection is the ability to relate and bond with someone on a deep level. According to Dr. Angela Bisignano, “When I see couples enjoying emotional connection it usually indicates the couple is experiencing deep friendship, safety…. read more

Turning a Stressful Marriage into a Stressless One

Turning a stressful marriage into a stressless one can benefit both you and your spouse. Reducing stress has an impact on health, longevity, and mental wellbeing according to research. Many marriages today are experiencing stress often leaving both spouses feeling overwhelmed. Learning a few tips for your marriage toolbox can make a difference for enriching…. read more