Practice Areas

Therapy, Coaching and Consulting

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Consulting is ideal for individuals who may have quick questions or need short term counsel in a specific area. These individuals are looking for expertise on a particular topic, but don’t need therapy or coaching services. These questions can usually be answered in a shorter amount of time or may need only one or two sessions. I offer consulting services in thirty-minute increments. You may find that thirty minutes is sufficient to answer your questions. You may also want to consider longer increments if your questions or concerns warrant it.

If you are a business leader, ministry leader, pastor or community leader you know that at times situations arise where dialogue with someone from outside of your organization can be valuable. Some common issues that come up for leaders include the following:

  • communication challenges
  • navigating difficult personalities
  • conflict resolution
  • stress management
  • problem management
  • overcoming obstacles
  • management of risk
  • sharing vision
  • work and life balance
  • values and culture
  • life transition

If you think you can benefit from getting outside counsel in any of these areas, contact me today and see how I can be of service. Although I love being helpful and providing resources I have found that answering questions and providing direction can take time. For this reason I charge for my consultation services.

How I work with consultation

First you will contact me and see how I can help. Then you will schedule an appointment. My time is allocated in increments of 30 minutes. You will then email your specific question or concern, so I understand the specific nature of our consultation. We will then talk either in my office or by phone. Please note that under my license PSY 26894, I am only regulated to offer services in the state of California. My license does not permit me to have mental health consultation with those across state lines.

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