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Therapy, Coaching and Consulting

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Consulting is ideal for individuals who may have quick questions or need short term counsel in a specific area. These individuals are looking for expertise on a particular topic, but don’t need therapy or coaching services. These questions can usually be answered in a shorter amount of time or may need only one or two sessions. I offer consulting services in thirty-minute increments. You may find that thirty minutes is sufficient to answer your questions. You may also want to consider longer increments if your questions or concerns warrant it.

Parenting is probably one of the most rewarding, yet challenging jobs we will ever have. We all love our children and want the best for them. Child rearing can be really exciting and fulfilling, yet it can also leave us feeling overwhelmed with how to navigate all the emotional, cognitive, behavioral and physical changes going on with our children.

Just when we think we understand what to do in the current developmental season our children enter into the next. We may at times be left feeling bewildered or perplexed wondering how to parent them best. No parent has all the right answers for all the situations and seasons that arise during the course of our children’s development. Unfortunately, they did not come with a manual.

At times we might find ourselves reaching and grasping for what to do during challenging times or seasons. This becomes really apparent when our kids hit the teens years. This is a season of intense growth. Not only are they growing physically, but emotionally and cognitively as well. Many will begin to change their behavior around their parents. Peers become increasingly more important in the decision-making process and our teens are desperately trying to fit in.

In search of their identities and “trying to fit in” they may engage in behaviors that seem odd to their parents or the way they were brought up. Teens may question their values or rebel against long held family traditions. Far too often this creates challenges for parents as they try to navigate these years. The good news is that most teens weather the adolescent years just fine.

You may feel that you have a great kid; yet you may encounter a rough spot, have a quick question or just need a little guidance, but aren’t sure who to go to. That’s where I come in. If you feel like you need a little objectivity or guidance in your parenting contact me today to set up an appointment.

How I work with consultation

First you will contact me and see how I can help. Then you will schedule an appointment. My consultation time is allocated in increments of thirty minutes. You will then email your specific question or concern, so I understand the nature of our consultation. We will then talk either in my office or by phone. Please note that under my license PSY 26894, I am only regulated to offer services in the state of California. My license does not permit me to have mental health consultation with those across state lines.

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