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Leaders & Vulnerability

One of the significant characteristics that I have noticed with leaders is that many have difficulty asking for help. Acknowledging they need help sometimes leaves leaders feeling vulnerable, causing them to feel isolated and confused. In addition, it is.... read more


3 Key Questions for Moving Forward

A friend of mine loves to ask questions. Every time my husband and I go to his house for dinner, we can expect a table question. His intention is to be purposeful with our time and to guide us.... read more


3 Tips for Life & Leadership Transitions

Navigating transitions is a normal part of life. Many transitions occur over the course of a lifetime. We can notice transitions occurring in almost any area of our lives. They can occur during: Developmental Stages: Different developmental stages of.... read more


5 Steps to Sharpen Your Leadership Style in 2013

Many types of leaders and styles of leadership exist. Becoming intentional about your leadership style can make a big difference in your influence. Two of the most important questions today regarding leadership style may be: Who has God called.... read more

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Leaders & Family: Is Your Time Well Spent?

We live in a competitive world. No doubt, staying on top of your game and leadership responsibilities is important. One of the best questions for most leaders today may not be: Are you working hard enough? The better question.... read more


4 Phases of Life & Leadership Transitions

Are you feeling restless these days? Chances are you may be in a life or leadership transition. Life is full of them. We all experience transitions. Navigating them well is important. Transitions can be opportunities for refining and shaping;.... read more

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