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Savvy Servants and the People Equation

Savvy servants are leaders who are serving well. They know the secret to influence is measured by how well they serve others. Savvy servants recognize that their influence is all about a cause much greater than themselves. They understand.... read more


Leaders and Wholehearted Living

One of the highlights of my job is the wonderful privilege of people telling me their stories. I love listening. I find it a great honor and a joy that I get access to the hearts of people through.... read more


Leaders and Calling

I am passionate about empowering people to live lives they love. One of the questions I like to ask people is, Who is encouraging you to understand your unique giftedness and calling?Think about it for a moment. Who has.... read more


Leaders and Reflection

The last couple of months have been a great time of reflecting. I ended 2011 believing that I needed to take some time out. The year had been a good one. I launched one of my sons, I launched.... read more

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The Leader Heart of Deborah

I often think about leaders in the Bible. Deborah is one of the leaders I really admire. Her leadership exemplifies many qualities that I believe we can learn from today. The fact that Deborah was a woman and a.... read more


Leaders and Marriage: The 7 Question Challenge

What is the pulse of your marriage? This may be the most important leadership question you consider. Marriages today are being taxed, stretched, and in far too many cases unraveling. Investing wisely in your marriage may be the best.... read more

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