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Marriage Therapy

Reasons to Seek Marriage Counseling

Few courses in our formal education, if any, are taught on relationships. Most people learn about relationships through parental modeling and observation, the media, and personal experience. As a result, we’re not always equipped with the tools necessary to.... read more

Q&A Interview

The Second Couple’s Counseling Session and What to Expect

You’ve completed your first couples therapy session, you’re on your way. Hopefully, after your first session you’re feeling more optimistic that you’re headed in the right direction. In addition, you should come away from the first couples therapy session.... read more

Marriage and Relationships

The Importance of Secure Attachments in Relationships

Dr. Edward Tronick is an American developmental psychologist best known for his studies of infants and emotional development. His studies show that when the connection between an infant and caregiver is broken, the infant tries to engage with the.... read more

Q&A Interview

The First Couple’s Counseling Session and What to Expect

Most relationships at some point experience challenges. Life events such as major illness or disease, health challenges, betrayal, and financial problems can certainly stress a relationship. Many couples will experience communication and conflict difficulties. When a couple feels they.... read more

Marriage Therapy

Quick Tips When Infidelity Invades Your Marriage

Connecting on a deep emotional level is the bond that keeps couples together. When partners turn toward each other as a source of comfort, security and refuge, they can handle most relationship issues. But when one or both turn.... read more

In The Media

How to Recognize Where Your Marriage Is Vulnerable to an Affair

Dr. Angela Bisignano is a regular contributor to psychology publications. Dr. Bisignano’s article, ‘How to Recognize Where Your Marriage Is Vulnerable to an Affair’ was recently published in Focus on the Family. Focus on the Family is a global Christian.... read more

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