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Marriage and Relationships

Turning a Stressful Marriage into a Stressless One

Turning a stressful marriage into a stressless one can benefit both you and your spouse. Reducing stress has an impact on health, longevity, and mental wellbeing according to research. Many marriages today are experiencing stress often leaving both spouses.... read more

Marriage and Relationships

Marriage: Hottest Tip for Affair-Proofing

Lurking in almost every social setting, waiting to ambush your marriage is the possibility for an extramarital affair. Most of us never seriously contemplate the dangers of having an affair until it is too late. On our wedding day,.... read more

Marriage and Relationships

What Marriage Needs

A healthy marriage is a treasure that nourishes the soul. Good and healthy marriages; however, rarely just happen. Couples need to invest time, commitment and emotion for marriage to survive over the course of a lifetime and to thrive..... read more

Marriage and Relationships

4 Tips to Starting Every Day Great in Your Marriage

Starting your day off great in your marriage matters. We all know that marriage takes time, thought and intentionality. We can all get busy with our family, careers and activities. That’s why how we start the day off matters,.... read more

Marriage and Relationships

3 Simple Things Successful Married Couples Do

Plenty of married couples are thriving and doing great. So what’s their secret? What are these married couples doing well that others are missing? Most would agree that we all desire happy and meaningful relationships with our spouses. Great.... read more


3 Tips for Increasing Empathy in Your Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful and life long endeavor. To most couples, marriage is a sacred and lovely relationship, or at least that is how it should be. We all long for a soul mate who deeply understands and connects.... read more