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15 Affirmations for Combating Anxiety

Posted on: January 11th, 2016 by Dr. Angela Bisignano


Feeling overwhelmed with anxiety can make us feel stuck, frozen or even paralyzed. Using affirmations on a daily basis to combat our anxiety can make a significant improvement in our lives. If you struggle with anxiety and aren’t sure what to do you may find the following affirmations helpful. Try starting your day by reading them. You may want to keep a copy of these affirmations close by and refer to them throughout the day. Memorizing those that are particularly meaningful to you is another good option.

15 affirmations to help you combat anxiety:

Every day is a new day to grow and learn how to manage and master my anxiety.

I am learning that I can choose peace of mind and work towards that end.

I am learning how to consciously redirect my thoughts into more positive and uplifting ways.

I have the power to choose what I will think about in this moment.

I am growing in my confidence that I can handle difficult and challenging situations that I encounter.

When my thoughts begin to race I know that I can use my breathing to help slow me down and calm my mind.

When I feel overwhelmed with anxiety I know that I can physically relax my body to help calm me down and release the tension.

Each new day gives me an opportunity to face and overcome my fear.

I am learning that facing my fears is not impossible.

I am learning and practicing new skills to help me manage my anxiety.

Slowly, but surely it is becoming easier to not feel overwhelmed with anxiety.

I am learning how to relax my mind and my body and this is making a big difference in my life.

I am learning that God is able to provide me with peace.

I am learning that with prayer and meditation I can help calm my mind.

I am learning that anything is possible including being less anxious, peaceful and calm.