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Intensive Couples Therapy Explained

What is Intensive Couples Therapy? Intensive couples therapy (ICT) is a short-term approach to couples’ therapy. Couples begin with a comprehensive intake process. Whenever working with a couple, more

How Long Does Couple’s Therapy Take?

One question I often get when I am doing a phone consultation with a potential couple is, how long will therapy take? Although this is a great question. more

Is Affair Recovery Possible?

Most couples never imagine that an affair can happen in their relationship. Sadly, affairs can and do happen. The betrayal from an affair can be devastating. The big more

Working With Couples

Many challenges plague couples these days. If you find yourself here today, chances are you are feeling some form of distress or heartache. It takes courage to contact more

Jump Start the New Year with a Relationship Checkup

Are you wondering if your relationship is all that it can be? Is there room for improvement? Do you and your partner feel stuck? If you answered yes more

How to Choose the Best Marriage Therapist

In this era of telehealth it can feel overwhelming looking for a marriage therapist. With so many options how do you find the best one? Selecting the right more

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