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4 Tips for Staying Focused on Your Calling

Posted on: January 30th, 2014 by Dr. Angela Bisignano

Many things can distract us these days from what God is calling us to. We live in a fast paced technologically fueled and noisy world; for many our minds and senses are on overload. The demands of our work schedules, the cares of our families, and the pressures of day to day living often keep us very busy. So how do we keep our focus sharp, priorities in order, and discern God’s calling in the midst of it all? This can be challenging for many of us.

Here are 4 tips to help keep you focused on what God is calling you to:

  • Spiritual Retreats:

Scheduling times that are set apart for the specific purpose of retreating can be very beneficial. Spiritual retreats can be refreshing for the soul, give us perspective, and allow us an opportunity to focus on God. There are 3 main types of retreats:

  1. individual
  2. small group retreats
  3. church retreats

Retreats can be scheduled either away from home or at home. The important consideration is making sure you have quality time away from all distractions.

What to do: Try scheduling a retreat on your own as I mentioned above, or you can inquire about an organized retreat through a church or a retreat center. Try calling your church and ask if they have any retreats coming up. Another option is to Google “retreat centers” in your area or a place that you would like to go to visit. Check out what they are offering and if it looks good schedule a time for your retreat. A third option is to go through an individual retreat planner.

  • Mentors, Coaches, and Consultants: 

Most everyone can benefit from having someone who has gone before them who can share their wisdom, expertise, or experience. Mentors, coaches and consultants can bring clarity, perspective, and direction. There are several kinds of mentors one can choose from. I will address these different types in a future post. Having someone walk alongside of you can be very helpful. Besides sharing their wisdom, they can help keep you accountable and on track to where God is calling you.

What to do: Look for someone who is already established or doing what you want to be doing. Contact them and arrange for an initial consultation or meeting. If they are right for you then set up regular meeting time. This can be a professional like a coach or consultant, or a mentor. The important thing to consider is whether they are a good fit for you and can help you in where you believe God is calling you.

  • Prayer Partner:

For years I have had a regular prayer partner. We try and meet once a week. This has been an invaluable resource for me in many ways. I believe so much can be established through prayer. As a matter of fact, I believe all great moves of God start with prayer. It is the power behind our work, life, and ministry.

What to do: If you have someone you have been meeting with for this purpose, good for you. If not, take a look around your sphere of influence. Is there someone who comes to mind who you believe might be a good fit for you? If so, contact them and then set up a regular time to meet.

  • Spiritual Disciplines:

Reading the Bible, prayer, meditation and fasting are wonderful spiritual disciplines to do on a regular basis. Many believers try and read their Bible and pray; however, many things seem to come up that distract us and keep us from regular disciplines.

What to do: You might try being more intentional about reading the Bible. For instance, when was the last time you read your Bible from start to finish? I started last Fall with a yearly plan. I read just a little each day. You might want to set a regular time each day to pray. I try and do this every morning, shortly after I wake up.

I also started fasting once a month. It helps me to keep my prayers intentional and focused. I find it also gives me greater spiritual clarity and helps me keep focused on where God is calling me.

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