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Counseling for Women in Redondo Beach

Posted on: September 25th, 2017 by Dr. Angela Bisignano

It is no surprise that women face significant and unique pressures. We play many roles including mother, daughter, caregiver, confidant, friend, and lover. We are supposed to be happy staying home, and happy working outside the home. We are supposed to face life’s transition with grace, and hide our emotional mess inside.

Great emphasis is placed on our bodies, and how we look. We are supposed to be young, thin, and pretty. We can be powerful, but we must be nice! And not too demanding. And we still earn less than a man for the same work.

Then there is middle age that brings on life transitions like divorce, death of a parent, career delays, and retirement. We may need to refresh our coping skills or develop new ones to address these challenges.

Women have immense power to heal others with empathy and compassion. And yet, when we have personal troubles, we must be taught to heal ourselves with empathy and compassion.

Our brains are different than men’s. We are more communicative, empathetic, emotional, creative at solving problems, and collaborative by nature. We worry about how to express our anger, if at all.

Counseling can help you sort out your feelings and problems, no matter your age, and learn to find self-acceptance and health. Therapy offers the safe space to understand yourself, and find empowerment, peace of mind and happiness.

In Redondo Beach, Psychologist Dr. Angela Bisignano provides exceptional counseling and life coaching for women. Dr. Bisignano will listen without judgment or preconceived notions about you. She will support and help you gain important insights about yourself that will build self-esteem. Talking about your thoughts and feelings can relieve your pain, fear or shame.

Unresolved feelings or family conflicts, struggles with a relationship, and low self-esteem or just feeling stuck, challenges our self-esteem and identity.

Counseling for women is designed to address these issues in a safe, secure environment where they can be honest with themselves, deal with their stress and BE the strong, competent women they are.

Dr. Angela Bisignano, a licensed, PhD psychologist seeks to create this safe space for women to openly examine the self and soul so they may be their true selves in all of their roles. She specializes in counseling for women across their life spans from adolescence through old age. Her goal is to help all women learn to love themselves for who they are, nurture themselves, and find balance and harmony in their lives.

Therapy may involve stress management, and/or treatment for mood disorders; therapy to address the woman’s ability to form and maintain healthy relationships; helping her control her emotions and impulsive behavior, and identify and eliminate maladaptive and self- sabotaging behaviors, and replace them with adaptive behaviors to restore healthy function.

Therapy is designed to diagnose and resolve problematic beliefs, behaviors, and relationship issues. In therapy we will address thoughts and feelings, worries and doubts, and help you

develop effective coping, and problem-solving mechanisms You will learn tools to overcome anxiety, and depression; and new approaches to dealing with one’s problems, thoughts, moods and behaviors for improved emotional wellness.

In addition to therapy, Dr. Bisignano offers coaching services to help you unlock and maximize your human potential. Dr. Bisignano will be your guide and trusted advisor to help you realize your goals, desires, mission and vision.

The process involves personal discovery, inquiry, building on existing strengths, developing new strengths, awareness and growth. Coaching will motivate, support and create confidence and emotional health, help you create a new life path, or enhance personal and professional development, faith and ministry. A coach will help you identify your purpose, establish your goals, provide feedback, hold you accountable for your progress, get over mental blocks, and build resilience for success and fulfillment.

When you are struggling, counseling can bring confidence, peace of mind and meaning to your life. Coaching will help clarify personal goals, identify obstacles and create an action plan to achieve your desired results.

Therapy can help develop a strategy and tools to handle current difficulties, so you can see a problem without feeling overwhelmed, and deal with it. Coaching is about unlocking your potential, with a focus on results and actions to achieve results.

Counseling for Women in Redondo Beach with Dr. Angela Bisignano