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Leaders & Family: Is Your Time Well Spent?

Posted on: November 1st, 2012 by Dr. Angela Bisignano

We live in a competitive world. No doubt, staying on top of your game and leadership responsibilities is important. One of the best questions for most leaders today may not be: Are you working hard enough? The better question may be: Are you working smart enough?

Before I go on, let me qualify what I mean by “smart enough.” I mean keeping your work priorities in order while also keeping your life values in order. Most successful people that I know have great business plans; however, the ones I really respect also uphold core life and family values. At the end of the day they know what is most important.

A good question we all should ask ourselves regarding our time: Am I spending my time on the things that God wants me to be doing? Sometimes, the cares of the urgent seem to supersede what is necessary. The responsibilities of the day can creep up on us leaving us with little emotional reserves for things that matter most. The people we really care about can become the sacrifice for getting things “accomplished.”

Questions to Ponder:

  • Are you demonstrating that you love and respect your spouse?

       Maybe it’s time to revisit your wedding vows.

  • Are you spending enough time with your kids?

       They’re growing up fast.

  • Does your character at work and home reflect attributes that your children will want to emulate?

       If not, can you make some adjustments?

  • Is your desire to inspire your children with an imprint of God on their hearts?

       Today is a great day to be intentional for His purposes and plans for your children.

  • Is your aim to leave a strong and positive family legacy?

       If so, what are you doing that will inspire your children to tell your story after you are gone?

I know times are challenging for many. Working hard is important; I get it. That’s why I posed the question for leaders: Are you working smart enough? Perhaps there’s something you can do differently to ensure core life values aren’t being jeopardized or compromised.

Let me encourage you that your life matters. People are watching how you lead. What you do at home with your family speaks volumes about the longevity of your leadership and life success. I think most people desire to live a life that is good and meaningful. They want to leave a legacy that they are proud to leave for their families.

What are you doing today to ensure your time is well spent?