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Do you need a life coach?

Posted on: March 2nd, 2018 by Dr. Angela Bisignano

Are you going through a significant life transition?

The kids are grown and out of the house, and you have goals and dreams that you have put off for too long. Perhaps you want a career change, or dream of starting your own business or a nonprofit, or finding fulfilling work. You feel an urgency to move forward, but don’t know how or where to start.

Transitions are exciting and stressful at the same time. They can generate feelings of anxiety and uncertainty, especially if you have been out of the workforce for a time. You question yourself. Do I have what it takes? Can I do this? Is this what I want?

The support and guidance of a life coach can make life changes easier. A life coach can help you identify and address your challenges, and empower you to meet and exceed your personal and professional goals, so that you can enjoy the next phase of your life with confidence and positivity.

Is it time to hire a life coach?

Yes, if you consider that investing in yourself is worthwhile. Ask yourself if you are willing and able to do what it takes to achieve the changes you desire without a guide and accountability. Be honest with yourself.

Ask yourself these questions                          

  1. Is your confidence where it needs to be to do what you desire? Or do you have doubts about yourself?
  2. Do you have a clear vision of what you want and a plan to get there?
  3. Have you learned to let go of your pain and desire to ramp up your personal development? Or do you procrastinate, and fail to follow through?
  4. Are you committed to your goals and dreams? Does your behavior interfere with your ability to achieve your dreams?
  5. Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel stuck? Or are you willing to do what it takes?
  6. Do you need a new approach to achieve your goals? Or do you feel lost and confused?

No one needs a coach, because the answers are within you. But, a coach like Life Coach Dr. Angela Bisignano in Palos Verdes Estates can help you see that you have what it takes, help you get clear on what you want and how to make your dreams come true more quickly!

Many very successful people have had life coaches to help them figure out what they want and how to achieve their goals. They understand that the support of an experienced life coach can be invaluable.

Life coaching helps you focus on your future, not the past. It is not therapy.

A life coach will help you navigate life changes. They will keep you on track and responsible for your actions. Do you need a boost to your confidence, motivation, and discipline to get you where you want to go? A life coach can help you learn to assert yourself and take reasonable risks that will make your life better.

Dr. Angela Bisignano is a licensed clinical psychologist in Palos Verdes Estates who offers life coaching to help you through life’s transitions. She will help reveal your life’s purpose, identify your gifts and talents, and teach you to embrace all that you can be. Her goal is for you live your best life. Are you ready? Schedule a life coaching consultation today.

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