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Relationship Counseling in Palos Verdes Estates and Redondo Beach

Posted on: December 7th, 2017 by Dr. Angela Bisignano

All relationships can become strained at times. Conflict is inevitable. The key to a happy, fulfilling relationship is how couples handle these inevitable strains. Often, we enter a relationship without the communication tools necessary to meet relationship challenges.

Relationship counseling is therapy with a professional, to work on challenges and difficulties in the relationship. The aim is to identify, and manage seemingly intransigent problems that involve conflict or unhealthy dynamics in a relationship or marriage.

The goal is to help partners identify and overcome barriers to connection and intimacy, and learn to resolve conflict with mutual understanding and respect. This will enhance love and affection in their relationship.

Dr. Angela Bisignano will help a couple to clarify their issues, and teach them new, positive ways to communicate, to allow them to survive conflict and flourish. Therapy can improve intimacy and closeness, reduce conflict and pain, and improve happiness. The lessons learned will serve couples for life.

In the alternative, a couple may seek therapy to enhance, enrich or revive intimacy and communication so that their marriage thrives.

Dr. Bisignano’s approach to therapy involves a comprehensive assessment and treatment of four key areas:

  • How couples feel, think and behave;
  • How they connect, communicate and love;
  • How they use their gifts, talents and strengths to pursue their goals, vocation and calling; and,
  • How they find meaning and purpose in their lives.

The process is interactive between the therapist and the couple in marriage or couples’ therapy, or it may involve members of a family in family counseling.

The Process of Relationship Counseling

The therapist creates a safe space where each person can express their feelings and be heard by the other person. Therapy allows couples to explore and discuss unexamined thoughts, perceptions, expectations, assumptions and emotions, in a safe environment. Each person in the relationship accepts responsibility to become aware of relationship problems, and their role in creating those problems. Therapy will help partners to make fundamental changes that reorient their thoughts and feelings, and improve the relationship. Dr. Bisignano will offer practical communication methods to improve the relationship and manage conflict in a positive manner.

The process is based on the empirical research of Dr. John Gottman who found that unhealthy couples rarely listen to each other. Really listen. A sound relationship requires abandoning criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling.

Dr. Angela Bisignano, licensed clinical psychologist in Palos Verdes Estates, who also serves the communities of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach, understands that a good marriage is one where the couple recognizes that many problems and disagreements are inevitable, and may be unresolvable. And that is ok, so long as they treat each other with respect, kindness and empathy. All relationships require work. She teaches her clients how to communicate effectively, and use healthy coping skills to sustain a happy and fulfilling love relationship.

Dr. Bisignano offers marriage therapy and relationship counseling informed by proven psychological concepts.

If you answer YES to any of these questions regarding your relatinship, you might want to seek professional help:

  • Are you angry and frustrated with the relationship?
  • Is blame a big issue in your relationship?
  • Is there a winner and loser in your relationship?
  • Are you chronically unhappy in your relationship?
  • Are you a team or is one partner always the decider?
  • Do you feel cared for in your relationship?
  • Does your partner shut down to avoid dealing with difficult feelings?
  • Are you able to express your needs, and pay attention to and respond to your partner’s needs?
  • Are you able to get your needs in the relationship?
  • Do you feel you are being heard in the relationship?
  • Can you talk honestly and share your hopes, dreams, convictions, values and aspirations?
  • Do you desire to strengthen fondness and admiration and express appreciation and respect?
  • Can you trust that your partner has your back?
  • Are you able to manage conflict with positive problem-solving strategies?

Dr. Bisignano is a relationship expert, in Palos Verdes Estates, California, who can help you resolve relationship conflicts, and remain committed to your partner, without loosing oneself. She offers hope and encouragement for healing so that you live your best life.