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Savvy Servants and the People Equation

Posted on: April 25th, 2012 by Dr. Angela Bisignano

Savvy servants are leaders who are serving well. They know the secret to influence is measured by how well they serve others.

Savvy servants recognize that their influence is all about a cause much greater than themselves. They understand they are given the privilege to influence for a purpose. Savvy servants know that leadership is all about empowering people, serving them well, and leading with intentionality, honor, humility and hope. They are dignified in their role because they recognize that if not for people their savvy servant leadership would cease to exist.

The savvy servant today knows that the best question for leadership is not so much, “What makes a great leader?” Frankly, thousands of books have been written on the topic. Savvy servants already know that there are many types of leaders, personality types, characteristics, competencies, and leadership styles. The better question for savvy servants is, “How well is that leader serving?”

Savvy servants ask meaningful questions:

  • How can I best empower the voice of another?
  • How can I help expand movements?
  • How can I engage in casting vision that impacts lives?
  • How can I instill hope and meaning in people’s hearts?
  • How can I help instigate positive change?
  • How can I help be a catalyst for a great cause around the globe?
  • How can I best equip my child for savvy servant leadership?
  • How can I serve and honor my spouse?
  • How can I be a better lover of people?

Savvy servants know that:

People need to be encouraged in their talents, strengths, and giftedness. Everyone wants to be encouraged. We want to know that our lives matter. Savvy servants know that when people are encouraged the possibilities are endless.

People want a purpose or a calling to pursue in life. Savvy servants know that we were created and wired for meaning and significance. It is part of God’s plan for humanity. This is how things get done. Savvy servants help to draw the purposes and plans out of people’s hearts. They help them to realize their God given potential for His purposes.

People need to know you are listening. Savvy servants know that one of the greatest needs people have is to be heard. They want to know that they matter. They want to know that they are understood and what they say is of value. Savvy servants are great listeners.

We are wired for passion. Passion is a motivator for many. Passion here refers to the things that we deeply care about. It is what helps fuel what we do. Savvy servants recognize there is a need for passionate and courageous people to do what they are called to do. Savvy servants help to fan the flames of passion for they know there is a purpose that is much greater than themselves.

People need to know you care. Savvy servants know that caring for people is fundamental to great leadership. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Savvy servants work hard at the people equation. They understand that the best answer for the people equation is to serve well.

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