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The Power of Being Present

Posted on: July 9th, 2012 by Dr. Angela Bisignano



I love online connection; the opportunities social media affords us and the doors it opens. Most of all, I am enjoying the people I am meeting. As exciting and fun as social media is, I am going to be taking a break for a couple of weeks. I will be spending time with my family. My desire is to be present and enjoy my time with them to the fullest.

One of my core values in life is being present with people, especially those I love and care about. What I mean by this is that I try to fully engage and enjoy the time I have with them in the moment, or in the time that we are together. Many of the choices I make in my life regarding family and career revolve around this basic core value. For me it has often meant taking a slower pace to keep my family my priority.

It is so easy to get distracted in life. So often when we are with people we are thinking about the next:

  • phone call
  • text
  • Email
  • tweet
  • blog post
  • obligation
  • work assignment
  • point that we want to make

In our culture it is easy to be preoccupied and not be fully engaged and present. And yet, one of the greatest gifts we can give someone is our time and attention.

When someone is fully present it communicates 3 powerful messages:

  1. Value – You matter as a person.
  2. Respect – What you are saying is important (whether I agree or not).
  3. Sensitivity and consideration – I care enough to give you my attention.

We have all experienced talking with someone who is distracted or preoccupied. It feels as though the person is disengaged and uninterested; no one likes that feeling. It can actually be challenging to stay present and focused with people. Life is full, we are busy, and there is a lot to think about. Sometimes our family members and those we really care about are most affected.

My desire is to be present with my family and to minimize the distractions. This will be our time. I am hoping it will be refreshing, fun, and restful for my family. When I am alone, I hope to spend some time reflecting and praying. I would certainly appreciate your prayers, too.

I look forward to being back online at the end of July. See you then!

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