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Faith and Calling

13 Biblical Principles for Personal, Professional and Political Leadership

Leadership articles, blog posts and stories are abounding these days. People have a strong interest in leadership and for good reason. Great leadership establishes vision, direction and purpose. It fuels us, inspires us and gives us hope. When considering.... read more


Image or Influence: Understanding Your Calling

  Recently while attending a community church I heard a pastor preaching on a topic related to image and influence. He shared how he sometimes wonders if he is measuring up. Whenever I see vulnerability being revealed from a.... read more


What is God’s Timing?

  I believe God has a specific calling for each one of us. If you have read any of my previous writings you know that I wholeheartedly embrace this notion. I believe God has created us all unique with.... read more


10 Inspirations for Pursuing Your Calling

Pursuing your calling may be one of the most exciting and important things you do in life. Moving forward often involves assessing your giftedness and strengths, contemplating your life story, considering passion, seeking wise counsel, stepping out in faith,.... read more


4 Tips for Staying Focused on Your Calling

  Many things can distract us these days from what God is calling us to. We live in a fast paced technologically fueled and noisy world; for many our minds and senses are on overload. The demands of our.... read more


4 Keys for Expanding Leadership Influence in 2014

  Are you in the process of planning out your goals for the New Year? If so, you are in good company as many leaders across the globe are doing the same. In your plans are you thinking about.... read more