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Marriage Therapy in Redondo Beach

Marriage therapy is an important means of addressing marital discord and empowering a couple with practical skills and insights to maintain and restore a healthy and sustainable marriage. The goal of marriage therapy is to strengthen your relationship by restoring safety, comfort and friendship, managing conflict constructively, creating shared meaning, and building trust and commitment.

Some of the most common causes of marriage conflict are money, lack of affection, emotional or physical disconnect, infertility, children, unconstructive communication patterns, relationship blocks, infidelity, and a lack of passion and intimacy. A healthy and happy marriage doesn’t just happen! It requires work, commitment and love to maintain.

Unhealthy behavior and resentment can worsen with time. Often by the time couples reach a therapist’s office their relationship is operating under a great deal of distress. The sooner you are motivated to seek help, the sooner you can find the tools you need to save or improve your marriage.

Dr. Angela Bisignano, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist with years of experience. She can guide you through a process to help you recognize, resolve, and restore relationship issues that lead to real growth. You can rebuild and strengthen your bonds of love and commitment.

There is help and hope for couples in Redondo Beach. Dr. Bisignano’s goal is to improve communication and conflict management, and to increase empathy and emotional connection with one another.

How Dr. Bisignano Works With Couples

You will all meet together for the first session at Dr. Bisignano’s office in Palos Verdes,  Manhattan Beach, or virtually. The first session with married couples lasts approximately 60 minutes. When Dr. Bisignano believes she can be helpful to you and your spouse, you will schedule a second appointment. During the second and third appointments she will meet with each of you individually for approximately 45 minutes. During the fourth meeting you will reconvene at which time you will discuss your treatment goals and plan. Going on from here, you will all meet together for future sessions, although Dr. Bisignano might ask for an individual meeting with one or both of you if she thinks it is appropriate and can be helpful.

Dr. Bisignano offers pathways for healing, actionable strategies and specific interventions. She is passionate about working with couples. Children model their parents, so when they see the new ways their parents interact and stress in the home decreases, the children will be happier, and home will feel safer. Dr. Bisignano loves this model for healing, reconciliation and restoration.

The Collaborative Approach

Dr. Bisignano takes a collaborative approach with her clients, to help couples move out of an argumentative or distancing pattern and learn to work collaboratively toward their mutual goal of improving their marriage. She is interactive with the couple during the process; she doesn’t just sit and listen. Dr. Bisignano customizes marriage therapy to each couple’s unique needs. Using the most effective strategies for the situation she teaches skills and helps clients to restore trust and confidence in their spouses. If you are in Redondo Beach and your marriage is in trouble, help is a call a way. Call her for a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation at (424) 206-9055. She offers in person and virtual marriage therapy sessions.

Marriage Intensives

Dr. Bisignano also offers marriage intensives for couples in Redondo Beach. This involves meeting with Dr. Bisignano for 3 consecutive days for 5 hours per day. This is a concentrated period of time where you focus on your marriage issues. This is ideal for clients who want to get a head start on their marriage challenges or issues. Fifteen hours over three days is equivalent to about 3 months of marriage therapy!  For more information, please see Intensive Couples Therapy. If you are flying in from outside of the area and are interested in finding places to stay during your visit, please see the Client Resources for more information.

Dr. Bisignano’s approach to marriage therapy is informed by Attachment Theory, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and forty years of scientific research conducted by John Gottman, Ph.D., the country’s foremost relationship expert. Dr. Bisignano is certified in the Gottman Method for Couples Therapy. She has also completed training in the Gottman Method for Treating Affairs and Trauma.

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