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Leaders and Reflection

The last couple of months have been a great time of reflecting. I ended 2011 believing that I needed to take some time out. The year had been a good one. I launched one of my sons, I launched.... read more

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The Leader Heart of Deborah

I often think about leaders in the Bible. Deborah is one of the leaders I really admire. Her leadership exemplifies many qualities that I believe we can learn from today. The fact that Deborah was a woman and a.... read more


The Spiritual Side of Laughter

Think of how you feel when you see someone laughing. I know it makes me feel good. Laughter has an infectious quality. I feel less stressed just thinking about laughing. Laughter helps to reduce stress, set the tone, and.... read more


Leaders, Influence, and Family

A week ago I launched my firstborn son. He is now in college. I am so excited for him. Anyone launching children or who has ever done so knows what an important life transition this is for your family..... read more


Embracing the Calling of God in 2012

Let 2012 be the year that you embrace the calling of God for your life. Think about it for a moment. What can be more fulfilling, promising, and rewarding? What if people decided to delve wholeheartedly into what God created them.... read more


3 Steps to Better Understand Your Calling

Nothing in life compares to the significance of pursuing the high calling of God. Think about it for a moment. Do you know what God is calling you to? In our busy and hectic lives it is easy to.... read more