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Women’s Counseling Q&A

Dr. Angela Bisignano is a women’s counseling expert in Southern California. Dr. Bisignano works with women to help manage anxiety, stress and relationships. Dr. Bisignano has helped hundreds of women better manage work and life anxieties and stresses. First,.... read more

Stress Management

4 Tips for Stress Management

Over the past two decades, research has demonstrated that stress can significantly increase the risk of illness, disease and mental health; from the common cold to cancer, heart disease, anxiety and depression. Stress can affect the mind, body and.... read more

Life Coaching

The Benefits of Life Coaching

The New Year is upon us. It is the time when people all over the world make resolutions and focus on new goals. Sadly, many will abandon their resolutions and goals far too soon. Many will do so in.... read more

Marriage and Relationships

Emotional Connection is the Glue to Successful Relationships

Connecting on a deep emotional level is the bond that keeps a couple together. When partners are turning toward each other on a regular basis, they can manage most relationship issues and stand together during challenging times. When one.... read more


Marriage Therapy Q&A Interview

Do you have unresolved issues in your relationship? Do you feel distress or animosity towards your partner? Do you communicate as effectively as you’d like with your partner? Animosity, poor communication, lack of emotional or physical connection, betrayal or.... read more

Anxiety and Stress Management

5 Tips to Achieve Work Life Balance

What is work-life balance? It is the relationship and prioritization between your career and your home and family life, and how well you manage your responsibilities and relationships to achieve harmony. It may be helpful to think of it.... read more


Is Your Friendship Becoming an Emotional Affair?

Dr. Angela Bisignano is a Topic Expert and Contributor to Read her most recent article titled, ‘Is your friendship becoming an emotional affair?’ – read the full article here. Many couples have at their core a deep and.... read more