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Coaching is a relationship between a client and a professional coach, that emphasizes the client moving forward in the realization of their goals, desires, values and vision. Coaching focuses both on the present and the future. It is a process that utilizes personal discovery, inquiry, building on existing strengths, developing new strengths, awareness and growth. It involves support, accountability and feedback. At the core of coaching is the notion that an individual can unlock his or her potential and maximize their potential.

The Role of a Coach

The role of a coach can be described as a guide, a trusted role model or advisor. A coach helps a client to shape new visions, devise plans, and generate new possibilities. The coach comes alongside the client helping them to grow, to learn and to enhance their quality of life.

Coaching is for those interested in the following:

  • personal development
  • enhanced learning
  • higher level of performance
  • greater career success
  • increased satisfaction in life
  • navigating life transitions
  • advancing to the next level
  • developing mission, vision, values

Style of Coaching

Many types of coaches and coaching styles exist. Dr. Bisignano’s coaching centers more on a transformational quality. She helps her clients gain new perspectives on themselves and their world. She has a holistic values oriented approach. What this means is that Dr. Bisignano takes into consideration a client’s whole life and includes all major life domains in the coaching process.

Coaching Areas

Dr. Bisignano focuses on three main areas of coaching:

  • personal
  • professional
  • faith and ministry

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