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Understanding Anxiety in Teens

Is your teen’s anxiety leaving you feeling helpless? Are you wondering what to do, but don’t have the answers? Many reasons exist today for teens to feel anxious and stressed. To start, their bodies are undergoing major biological and developmental changes. This in and of itself can cause many to feel off balance and confused. Their bodies are experiencing change at rapid rates and hormone surges. Cognitively, teens are also experiencing change. Their brains are making sense of new ways to think and process information.

When your adolescent reaches this stage, they are seeking more and more independence and autonomy from their parents. They are being more influenced by their peers and their behaviors than ever before. Most teens get through adolescence with few major problems and conflicts, however, some experience more troubling mental and behavioral problems.

Recent Survey Stress in America

According to one survey Stress in America, many teens in the US are experiencing unhealthy levels of stress and anxiety similar to adults (American Psychological Association, 2014). Many are uncertain about what they can do and many have little stress management skills to help. According to the survey, when teens were asked about their experiences in the past month, 46 percent reported feeling irritable or angry and 36 percent report feeling anxious or nervous. Thirty-two percent of teens reported that stress makes them feel like they could cry and 35 percent said they have laid in bed awake at night because of stress. Many also reported getting headaches and upset stomachs because of stress.

Whatever may be causing the stress, about half of the teens said they didn’t know how to manage their symptoms. Although teens may recognize that they are anxious or stressed, many don’t understand the emotional and physical toll that it takes on them. Many teens, especially girls, will mirror adult’s high stress levels. For many this can lead to chronic stress and anxiety as they enter into adulthood.

When teens don’t know how to deal with their stress and anxiety it can become chronic. Some may use drugs and alcohol to help them cope with the mounting stress, some isolate or disconnect, while others may experience eating disorders, low self-esteem or more troubling behavior.

How Dr. Bisignano Works With Teens

Dr. Bisignano works with many stress and anxiety issues with teens. Whether it is academic or test anxiety, social anxiety or general anxiety,  Dr. Bisignano can help your teen reduce their symptoms and manage their stress in more healthy ways.

Dr. Bisignano will schedule an initial consultation with you and/or spouse and your teen. She will then meet with your teen individually for subsequent meetings. At times she may bring in one or both parents into the therapy session. Dr. Bisignano helps teens identify what is causing them stress and anxiety. She helps them to process the thoughts and feelings they are experiencing. She teaches skills and techniques to reduce the symptoms and to help them deal with anxiety in more healthy ways in the future.

You have taken a first step in seeking help for your teen. Now you are ready for the next step. Dr. Bisignano encourages you to call her Palos Verdes or Manhattan Beach office for a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation at (424) 206-9055. Call today and she can help answer any questions or concerns you may have.


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