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For many Americans faith is an important part of our lives. Church, Bible study and ministry involvement are essential to many of us for our growth, development and wellbeing. Dr. Bisignano believes that each one of us has strengths, gifts and talents that can be used not only for a fulfilling career and profession, but also for something greater than ourselves.

For many this means a sense of purpose, destiny or calling. Dr. Bisignano has a passion for helping to empower people in their life purpose or calling. She is so passionate about the topic that she wrote a book about it, Beautifully Gifted: Equipping Today’s Women for the High Calling of God. The main premise of the book is that God gives each one of us gifts and a calling in order to fulfill a greater purpose in life. Dr. Bisignano believes when people are living out the calling of God in their lives this is the “sweet spot” where they are most vibrant and alive.

In faith and ministry coaching Dr. Bisignano focuses on helping women to deepen their understanding of what God is calling them to in their lives. The process involves a thorough assessment of gifts, talents, and values. She helps women to understand how their past is meant to influence and shape their future story and calling.

What Dr. Bisignano Does as a Coach

Dr. Bisignano partners with her clients in a creative process where you discover, clarify, achieve goals and maximize potential. She collaborates with her clients, trusting that their inner wisdom and intuition will help guide the coaching process. Dr. Bisignano asks provocative questions, gives suggestions, and provides focus to keep her clients moving forward.

How Long Dr. Bisignano Will Work With an Individual

Faith and ministry coaching follows a fourteen week course. Although the plan is semi-structured, it is flexible due to the nature of the material. Assessments and outside assignments are given. Coaching can be set up weekly or bi-monthly.

What Types of Faith and Ministry Coaching Dr. Bisignano Offers

  • one-on-one coaching in her office or by telehealth
  • workshops for women

If you are interested in finding out more about faith and ministry coaching or you have questions, please call Dr. Bisignano at her Palos Verdes or Manhattan Beach office today for a 15-minute complimentary consultation at (424) 206-9055.


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