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Affair Recovery

Many ask, is affair recovery possible? Betrayal from an affair can be devastating. Many distressed couples don’t know what to do. Some believe they can never experience healing. Research shows that couples can experience restoration and healing from an affair. Dr. Bisignano offers a safe environment where couples can process what has happened.

Several Types of Affairs Exist:

Emotional Affairs and Affair Recovery

Emotional affairs occur when boundaries have been crossed. Your feelings for another person have increased. This may be in the form an emotional attachment. It may take the shape of a deep friendship with someone other than your partner. An emotional affair can be all consuming. It can lead to obsessive thinking, fantasies or sexual desires about the other person. If left unchecked, emotional affairs can lead to physical affairs. However there is hope with affair recovery.

Physical Affairs and Affair Recovery

A physical affair is when you cross physical boundaries with another person that are inappropriate. Physical affairs can range from being as subtle as kissing to all-consuming sexual encounters. They can take place one time, several times or can be ongoing or long-term. If the affair is over and the couple wants help, affair recovery is possible.

Emotional and Physical Affairs

Sometimes people experience both emotional and physical affairs that lead to betrayal. What often begins as an innocent friendship can turn into an unintentional betrayal. Bringing with it deep pain, sorrow, shame, guilt, distrust, hypervigilance, symptoms of PTSD, and a host of other confusing feelings and emotions.

Whatever type of betrayal has occurred, affair recovery is possible. There is still hope.

What to expect:

Dr. Bisignano will begin by scheduling a relationship assessment to understand what is currently going on. It will start with a couple’s interview. She will ask questions and want to learn about the story of your relationship. One important question she will ask: Is the affair over? If it is over and both people want to move forward, she will schedule the next sessions. She will meet individually with each of you one to two times.

Dr. Bisignano is trained in research-based couple’s therapy and affair recovery. She uses a systematic strategy for helping couples process, heal and rebuild trust. Couples learn to lean in and ask questions in non-critical or defensive ways. Affair recovery helps couples gain clarity and understanding. Couples learn to attune and securely attach to their partner in healthier ways. Couples in affair recovery often report emerging with deeper bonds and stronger relationships.

Whatever type of affair you may be struggling with, Dr. Bisignano offers help, healing, and hope that you can get through it. If you would like to find out if Dr. Bisignano is the right psychologist for you call her today and set up a complimentary phone consultation.

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