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Interpersonal Difficulties

The teen years can present some challenges especially with parents and peers. Many reasons exist for this: your teen’s rapidly changing body and developing brain, hormone surges and fluctuations, and the need to become more autonomous and independent. Additional influences include the rapid growth and use of technology and how it is impacting teenagers today and the amount of stress teens are experiencing.

Many parents can be left feeling frustrated, angry, sad and confused by what they are observing in their teen’s behavior. Many parents might even feel helpless or frightened by the choices their teens are making. Some common areas of parent-teen conflict may include:

  • teen’s choice of friends
  • conflict over curfew
  • driving and car privileges
  • schoolwork, homework and performance
  • dating and sexuality
  • attire, makeup and hairstyle
  • smoking, drinking and using drugs

Most parents are successful in helping their teens reach the developmental milestones of adolescence. If, however, you find that your teen is struggling or you are seeing red flags it may be time to get them some help.

If you notice that your teen is having challenges with their peers that are distressing, it may be time to get some help. Some of the signs that your teen may be experiencing interpersonal difficulties may include the following:

  • avoiding friends
  • avoiding activities they use to enjoy
  • disconnecting
  • isolating
  • change in personality or behavior
  • engaging in destructive behavior

How Dr. Bisignano Works With Teens

Dr. Bisignano meets with the teen and their parents for the initial consultation. At that time she evaluates if she can be of help or if she is the right psychologist for your teen. If she thinks the needs of the teen may be better served with another professional or facility, she will provide referrals.

Once you decide Dr. Bisignano is the right psychologist for your teen, she will meet with your teen individually. She may at times bring in you, your spouse or both of you. When we better understand what the underlying issue may be, Dr. Bisignano will formulate a treatment plan. She will help your teen process their thoughts and feelings, teach them skills and strategies to better cope with their thoughts, feelings and behavior, and help them to make healthy choices. She utilizes a strength-based approach, so she will incorporate the strengths of your teen into our treatment approach.

If you observe that your teen may be struggling with any of the areas mentioned, it may be time to get your teenager some help. If you are reading this article you have taken the first step. Please feel free to contact Dr. Bisignano at her Palos Verdes or Manhattan Beach office if you have any questions or would like to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation.

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