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Intensive Individual Therapy

What is Intensive Individual Therapy?

Psychologist Dr. Angela Bisignano offers Intensive Individual Therapy (IIT) in-person at her Palos Verdes office and via telehealth all over California. Intensive Individual Therapy is a type of therapy that is concentrated and short-term. Dr. Bisignano will discuss scheduling options that best fit your needs during the consultation.

Who is a candidate for Intensive Individual Therapy?

This type of therapy is ideal for individuals who are busy with life and careers. They may lack the time to meet weekly with a psychologist. It is beneficial for those who want uninterrupted quality time to address their particular issues, or simply want to get a jump start on therapy.

Issues might include:

  • Improving relationships
  • Becoming a better communicator and listener
  • Learning how to better express your feelings and needs
  • Improving conflict management skills
  • Reducing anxiety or stress
  • Refining work / life balance
  • Learning to apply principles of Gottman Method Couples Therapy in relationships

Scheduling Intensive Individual Therapy in California

The schedule varies with IIT depending on treatment goals and schedules. A typical amount of time for intensives includes eight to ten hours. Appointment schedules may look like two hours on a scheduled day. This may include consecutive or staggered days depending on needs.

What is Included in Intensive Individual Therapy?

  • Therapy with Dr. Bisignano
  • 1-2 individual intake interviews
  • Psychological tests (TBD)
  • A tailored IIT treatment plan
  • Research based skills, strategies and tools provided

Dr. Bisignano recommends a 20-minute phone consultation prior to scheduling intensives. The purpose of a consultation is for you to get a better idea of Dr. Bisignano’s approach to therapy. Additionally, it is an opportunity to have her answer your questions. She also wants to determine if she can help you. If you both decide it’s a good fit, you can move forward with scheduling.

Areas of Specialty

Dr. Bisignano specializes in couples and relationships. Her therapeutic approach is informed by Attachment Theory, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Gottman Method Couples Therapy. Dr. Bisignano is certified in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. She also offers Intensive Couples Therapy to clients residing in California or visiting California from out of state.

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