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Therapy, Coaching and Consulting


Consulting is ideal for individuals who may have quick questions or need short term counsel in a specific area. These individuals are looking for expertise on a particular topic, but don’t need therapy or coaching services. These questions can usually be answered in a shorter amount of time or may need only one or two sessions. Dr. Bisignano offers consulting services in thirty-minute increments. You may find that thirty minutes is sufficient to answer your questions. You may also want to consider longer increments if your questions or concerns warrant it.

Relationships can be wonderful and are vital to our health and well-being. We are created and meant to connect with people. Connecting is important to our psychological, spiritual and physical well-being. In relationships we get our needs met, gain validation, experience love, worthiness, and get the support we need for optimal living. When our relationships are good we feel vibrant and alive.

Sometimes, however, people let us down, stir up problems, push our buttons, or create conflict for us. Learning to understand our emotions and behaviors, to communicate effectively and learning to manage our stress is important to our emotional well being as well as to those we are in in relationship with in our lives.

Relationship questions may arise around topics such as the following:

  • boundaries
  • unhealthy relationships
  • communication
  • connecting
  • conflict resolution
  • decision-making

If you feel like you could use some assistance or a different perspective to help guide you in the next steps of your relationship, Dr. Bisignano can help. If you have a question about a friend, family member or co-worker and need some guidance, contact Dr. Bisignano today and see how she can help. She will let you know if your question can be addressed in 2 to 3 consultations or if your question can better be served in a therapeutic or coaching setting.

How Dr. Bisignano works with consultation

First you will contact Dr. Bisignano and see how she can help. Then you will schedule an appointment. Her consultation time is allocated in increments of thirty minutes. You will then email your specific question or concern, so Dr. Bisignano understands the nature of your consultation. You will then talk either in Dr. Bisignano’s Palos Verdes or Manhattan Beach office or by phone. Please note that under her license PSY 26894, Dr. Bisignano is only regulated to offer services in the state of California. Her license does not permit her to have mental health consultation with those across state lines.

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