Practice Areas

Therapy, Coaching and Consulting

Executive Therapy

C-Level Executive and Leadership Therapy

Dr. Bisignano works with C-Level executives, Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents of Fortune 500 companies providing therapy services. She values working with individuals that have a larger scale impact and influence in their businesses, organizations and communities. She understands that executive roles hold greater responsibility, demand and stress that can impact their professional, personal and psychological wellbeing.

What to Expect

Dr. Bisignano can help you dive deeper into more challenging dynamics, providing you with a confidential space to explore underlying issues such as:

  • Work, stress & health
  • Challenges with work-life balance
  • Reasons you may be getting stuck
  • Difficulty with decision-making
  • Focus or concentration problems
  • Relationship / marriage issues
  • Navigating decision-making
  • Managing conflict
  • Experiencing burn-out
  • Life transitions

Concierge Psychologist

Dr. Bisignano is a concierge psychologist. She works with a limited number of selective clients where her areas of expertise are best served. This enables her more flexibility with scheduling, direct interaction with her clients, and exceptional service. If you would like more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation for you or one of your CEOs or VPs, call Dr. Bisignano’s office today.

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