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Understanding Group Therapy

Therapy in a group format generally involves treatment with one or more therapists working with several people at the same time. Groups can be as small as three or four individuals up to around ten or twelve. Groups can be either open or closed. When they are open that means that anyone is open to come during the time the group is meeting. Some people may be able to make all of the group sessions, and some only a hand full of times. The group is left open so anyone sharing a similar issue is welcome to attend. Closed groups mean they are set, established and once they are formed are no longer open for people to join.

Group therapy may be beneficial over individual treatment for a number of reasons. Individuals may improve due to the therapist’s interventions, however they may also learn from observing other members in the group. Additionally, they can get feedback from the group members that can also be part of the therapeutic process.

Other advantages of group therapy include:

  • improves social and communication skills
  • allows for encouragement from other group members
  • cost effective compared to individual therapy
  • learn by modeling, role-playing, and trying out new behaviors
  • increased social support from more than therapist
  • interaction with other group members with similar issues

What to Expect in a Group

It is not unusual for people to feel nervous or unsure if they want to come to a group. As a matter of fact, some people after agreeing to join will get “cold feet.” The tendency may be to “avoid” the initial group. Recognize that you are not alone in these feelings. Dr. Bisignano encourages you to go ahead and attend, despite your reservations. If you are still concerned, please share your thoughts with the therapist leading the group.

Depending on the type of group Dr. Bisignano is leading will determine the content and goals for the group discussion. For instance, if she is leading an anxiety group, the focus will be primarily on thoughts, feelings and behaviors associated with anxiety. She presents both psycho-educational and support groups for therapy.

Typically, the first group begins with an overview of what to expect, the group process, and the importance of confidentiality within the group. Dr. Bisignano allows for brief introductions and clarification of any questions. In the subsequent weeks, group members talk and interact with one another; they encourage each other, learn and grow, and give and receive feedback from other members all in a safe environment. If the group is psycho-educational there will also be some information, tools and skills provided during the group session. The groups Dr. Bisignano runs are generally an hour and a half or two hour groups.


  • Women’s Anxiety Therapy Group
  • Women’s Support Group
  • Thrive: Women’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Group


Workshops are similar to the group structure, however they are more future-focused and goal-directed. Additionally, they involve more outside assignments. If you are interested please see Dr. Bisignano’s coaching services.

  • Beautifully Gifted Workshop
  • Women’s Coaching Group

If you would like to find out more about groups or workshops, call Dr. Bisignano at her Palos Verdes or Manhattan Beach office today for a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation at (424) 206-9055.

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